2018 Post Show Report 

Visitor Delivery was via a powerful and tested combination of:

# Personalised Direct Mailed Invitation Cards

# Excellent user-friendly website

# Email Newsletters to subscribed list

# SMS Reminders

# Fax Broadcast

# Tele-marketing to re-confirm B-2-B appointments.

# Social Media Following

# Print Advertisements in Newspapers & Publications.

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PHARMA Mfg. & Distributors

CONSUMER Mfg. & Distributors


Gunita Krauze

Lotos Pharma - Latvia

 "Quality of the Visitors is very good... No brochure collectors, excellent entry control by the organisers."

Bjorn Osterlund
PSIDAC - Sweden

"Yes we have found customers and a serious contact from Taiwan; who is ready to start work."

Angela Miao
WEIGAO Medical - PRC

 "More than 80% of the visitors we have received are very relevant to us & our products. We are happy."

Linda Litina
Grindex - Latvia

 "The Quality of the Visitors is High, lots of relevant visitors. We'll be back next year."

Ms Cindy
Contec Medical - PRC

 "Visitor quality is good. We are introducing new devices and have met visitors who are keen to learn more about them."

Jason Yap
Funnel Health - Macao

"The quality of the visitors are Really Good & Professional, they are from various backgrounds therefore there is variation. We have managed to obtain new partners from these 3 days, as well as many potential leads for distributors in the SE-Asian Region. I'm really happy with the Show, it was very smooth flow and I managed to engage in dialogue with a lot of people."

Seyed Mostafa Vassi Kashani
Barij Essence - Iran

"Excellent! The quality of the visitors is very good. We managed to find lots of distributors in Malaysia and other countries. We had a smooth participation experience and found a number of good leads."

Meditop - Japan

"We met a lot of Malaysian Distributors & Dealers and we will be contacting them after the Show. Our participation was smooth and we had no problems with the Show."

EUE - Taiwan

 "We are satisfied with the quality of the visitors, more than 50% of the contacts we collected are potential leads. One of them even made a second trip back to the Show today to meet us to finalize the deal! Overall the show was very well organized, smooth and efficient."

Vaido Mikheim
Tartu Science Park - Latvia

"All the participating companies in our group are pleased with the visitor quality, facilities and we definitely would like to return next year."

Rama Gopi
QuezApp Technologies - India

"All the participating companies in our group are pleased with the visitor quality, facilities and we definitely would like to return next year."

Mara Skrastina
PharmIdea - Latvia

"It is a good exhibition for us:
Visitors are professional - both doctors & distributors.
They understand the market requirements and of course I plan to return next year.
Also KL's central location in SE-Asia is most convenient for us."

Raimonds Jaunzems
Silv Expo - Latvia

 "The visitor quality is high. Actually 90% specificand they can immediately tell me what they want."

Lily Zhou
Shanghai Wonderful Opto-Electrics - PRC

"There are a lot of technical enquiries from professional visitors. All of them are keen to understand our products and co. profile."

Li Jiankang
Zhejiang Dongfang Pharma Co. - PRC

"We arranged to meet our distributors here. And are receiving good potential Malaysian Customers."

Nora Shevchenko
Tonus Elast - Latvia

 "Excellent ! The visitor quality and the immediate support via LiveChat from the organisers ensured we were well prepared."

Zhen De Medical - PRC

"The quality of visitors is quite good. I obtained good leads, and the show went on smoothly."


Impian Global Marketing - M'sia

"The quality of visitors is very high as only visitors who are really relevant are allowed to come in. Participation was smooth, organizers were helpful...very good experience."

Li Zhi Tao
Zhe Jiang Dong Fang - PRC

"I received polite visitors who are very are keen to understand my products. I gained more than 10 leads who are interested with our products and it was a very smooth participation."

S.C. Teng
Tech Lab - M'sia

"We were happy with the Show. The organizers put in a lot of effort with the Seminars, SMS & Email Broadcasts, etc. I met my objectives here. However, the set up time was insufficient."

Nettural Resources

"This event provides us with great exposure – we have managed to meet new people and promote our products."

Optima Cast and Splint - PRC

"We met a lot of local distributors and a fair amount of professional visitors such as hospital staff. We are focusing on the SE-Asian Market, as our products are rather new especially in Malaysia."

Linda Niemi
Nordic House - Scandinavia

 "Definitely worthwhile. We have managed to secure new business and build contacts with potential clients."

Mary MA
Shaoxing Fuqing Health Products - PRC

"This Show allows us to spend quality time with our customers and discussing future possibilities."

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