Q. What do you mean by Total Cost Package?

A. This would include all the expenses incurred on the show floor, such as:
Stand and Fittings: Carpet, Power Point, Basic Furniture, Signages
Services: Electricity, WiFi, Cleaning, Security, Badges, Catalogue Entries, Hospitality Functions, Visitor Invitations, Visa Letters

Q. What is the min. size of your standard booth?
A. This will be your 3m x 3m Package. 

Q. The Floor Plan shows only 3m x 3m slots - is this the only size available?
A. The floor plan just indicates the slot locations. Booths can be any size from 9 - 36 sqm. 



Q. How about Posters  - can we stick them on the walls?

A. Yes, but only with double sided or velcro tape.

Kindly ensure there s no defect on the wall to avoid any penalty. 

If Posters are ordered via Form 11 the the contractor will put them up for you.


Q. Can I pay for additional furniture etc during the Show?

A. Yes, but do ensure that you keep to the final deadlines as per Form 11.


Q. Is it possible to pay for extras to the Organiser?

A. Yes.

Here is a Form with the  entire ADDITIONAL ORDERS.


Q. Is it possible to bring my own furniture?

A. Yes.



Q. Can I leave the Hall before the closing time on the last day?

A. NO. KLCC does not allow cargo movement or booth dismantling before the official closing time of 5pm on 19 April 2024.


Q. How do I get from the Airport to the Hotel?

A. The procedure for exit and coupon for airport taxis is streamlined and is also at a fixed rate. Exhibitors will be provided with arrival instructions one week before the Show.
Exhibitor Instructions Page has lots of useful information.


Q. Do I need a visa?

A. Only Visitors from India, PR China and a few other countries need a visa. Exhibitor visas are easily obtained - use the Invitation Letter.


Q. How far are the hotels from the venue?
A. There is a wide range of HOTELS available within a walking distance of 3-10 mins from the KLCC. Use the above link.


Q. Is my hotel reservation confirmed?

A. Hotels booked via the above link are automatically confirmed. 



Q. Must I use the official freight forwarder - Rogers?

A. No; You do not.

In fact you can send your cargo via your usual forwarder / courier or even bring it with you

- as part of your checked baggage.

Q. Can I carry my own cargo into the Halls?
A. Yes.
There is extensive information on this subject in the PDF version of the Service Manual.)



Q. Besides taking a booth - How can I further ensure my success?
A. There are several possibilities and some are free...

  • Advertise in the Mini-Show Directory
  • Distribution of Flyers on the Reg. Counter
  • Sponsor a Seminar / Workshop / Networking Function
  • Request a Video Interview in your Booth 
  • Free B-2-B Services and VIP Invitations.


Q. Do I need a translator?
A. No - The business language of SE-Asia is English, and this is widely understood.


Q. I wish to print posters/flyers etc locally - it is possible?
A. Yes, Just use Form 11 in the Service Manual or contact us for special request.


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