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 "We are 'regulars' at SEACare and attracted to the extremely high decision making quality of its trade visitors."


"The opportunity to conduct a Seminar ensured a 100 pct overall success for our participation." Datin Norbaini bt Dato' Seri Yusuf ANSr Sdn Bhd   "We found many good leads, which we will be following up on." 

Zainizam Bin Abd Hamid Citanix Sdn Bhd

"Here it is not quanity but quality."

Christof Krebs Euro OTC Pharma GmbH Germany 

"Yes, definitely a good exhibition - not many visitors but mostly of high quality."

Siripak Phanyapornsuk Greiner Bio-One 

"I rather have 3 good visitors than a few hundred. . . and here it is the few good visitors."

Philippe Daire, Hycel Austria

"Definitely a success for my group. They found the Show to be very profitable.
We look forward to next year."

Danny Qin, IEX Group., PRChina

"We were kept busy for all 3 days. And now look forward to the next stage of contacting all these strong leads.

Philip Wilhelmsson WINOVA Sweden

"I am very pleased with the response to my participation."

Jiho Jang IZON S.Korea

"We are definitely looking forward to nextr year's Show."

Noushad Ismail LEOSONS USA

"Our participation / seminar - I am pleased with this exhibition."

Jan Wayland Metier Medical Limited Australia

"We are here every year and look forward to the next Show."

Cheer Lee, Netturul Resources, Malaysia

"Definitely worthwhile! An opportunity to meet our clients and secure new business."

Irfan Hj Sarli, Rocky Scientitic Instruments

"I am pleased with the very high number of pharmacy retailers - all of whom are relevant to us and visited our booth."

Priscilla Pang, Amoa Finland

"I am pleased with the high quality of the exhibition, the organisers, venue and visitors. Definitely worthwhile." Shingo Hashiba TAANE Co. Ltd. Japan

"We are here every year and will continue to do so."

Theppituk Charnpaboon Thai 3b Scientific

"We attend many exhibitions; but I must say the service, organiser professionalism, everything... Here it is the best!"

Robert Galicic VPD Bled Slovenia  


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