Q. Must I pay to visit the Show ?

A.  No, but the Show is only open to Trade, Professional and Official Visitors.

Q. I have Pre-Registered - So when can I pick-up my Badge ?

A.  At anytime during Show Opening Hours - at the Pre-Reg. Counter.

Q. There are several of us from the same office - do we need to
     fill the Pre-Reg. Form for each of us ?

A.  Just appoint one person to be the Co-ordinator for your group. Then use the following
        Group Visitor Reg. Form.

Q. We are a group from a hospital - do we need to

A.  Yes, just use the
Group Visitor Reg. Form.

Q. We have a problem in Pre-Registering but still would like to
     have our Badge(s) ready - can you help ?

A.  Yes, just Email / Fax the List to us and we will do the Pre-Reg. for you.

Q. Will you provide me with a reminder on my Pre-Reg.
      Number ?

  A.  Yes, in fact you will receive several reminders just before the Show.

Q. My boss should be registered as a VIP - what should I do?

Just click here https://abcex.com/vip/ for VIP Pre-Reg.

Q. I need a visa - could you send me an Invitation Letter ?
A.  Yes, but we only provide visa invitations to hospital directors, purchasing executives and
      officials from countries, which require a visa.

Q. Where can I get more information on the venue, hotels,
     public transport, etc.

A.  There is an excellent website

A.  KLCC's own website:  http://www.klccconventioncentre.com



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