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Exhibitor Instructions
Issued on 20 March 2019

For help contact Operations Manager:  Tishay at

 Quick Note

1. By now you should have submitted all relevant FORMS via your online Service Manual.
Do note the important FORMS are: 3, 8, 10 and 11.

(Send us at least one good photo of your product - if you haven't done so already).

2. It is also recommended that you download the pdf version of your Service Manual:

+ You will find useful information about opening/closing hours, venue address, cargo, posters, booth design ideas, etc.

3.  For your WEBSITE and EMAIL SIGNATURES - you may download logos and banners here:

2019 Ex Instructions



Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. 60-3-2333 2888
Fax 60-3-2333 2882


Organiser Office Tel. No. 03-2333 2627  to be advised.
(From 10am Monday 8th April to 6pm Wednesday 9 April til 8pm)

For all Cargo Issues Please contact the official forwarders:
Rogers Asia 
Email to:

Mr Syed Amirul

Copy to:

Please pay attention to all the information below.

Things to pack:

# Remember to bring a Travel Adapter for your phone, notebook charger and other uses
# About 200 business cards

Before You Leave:

Auto Answer Your Emails -

eg. Thank You For Your Email.
I am at the 22nd SE-Asian Healthcare Show, 9 - 11 April 2019 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


 Warning! Expo Guide, ExpoFairs,, etc

These organisations have a reputation for contacting exhibitors via fax and requesting information for use in their Directory. After signing a Form - exhibitors are presented with a bill.
You should ignore all correspondance from any organisations that may contact you on our behalf.

Payments should ONLY be made to ABCEx and the official contractor Qube.  

Exhibitor Badges
Exhibitor Badges can be collected from 3 pm onwards on Monday 8 April.
Location: Just outside Hall 2 entrance - Visitor Reg. Counter

KLCC Build-up
# If you have a specially designed booth then please contact your Project Manager
# All other exhibitors with the standard walk-on packages should report to the venue from 1500 (3pm) onwards.


Dress Code:
Do note that the exhibition halls are hot and messy!
Dress casual.
And bring a bottle of water.

Collect only your own Badge and NOT your colleagues!
Security is extremely tight and everyone needs a Badge to get in.

Garbage Disposal:
Leave it on the aisle.
Whatever is left on the aisle will be considered garbage.

Empty boxes, crates, packing material, etc which you will need at the end of the Show - please advise your Project Manager, who will show you where it can be safely stored.


All payments are ONLY to be made in the Organisers' Office on Level 1 / or QUBE the Contractor.

Electrical Supply:
Supply to booths will begin from 0900 hours each morning.
The gradual shutting down will begin from 1715 hours.
So it is advisable to shut down sensitive equipment by 1700 hours to avoid damage to equipment and problems of re-booting the next day.

If your Internet Requirements are really ´heavy´ need - then make sure you submit the appropriate KLCC Form. 
For general usage (checking emails) there is internet provided in the hall - without cost.

KLCC does not allow outside food etc and will arrange for this service.

24 hour security is provided.
Especially during the build-up absolutely no item is allowed out of the hall.



Exhibitors who wish to bring their cargo via their own freight forwarder, lorry, etc should note the following:

1. Drive towards Hall 2 (via the Traders Hotel) and at the guard check point.
You can download by clicking this link: LOADING BAY PASS 


KLCC Parking Charges are expensive. 

Try Car-pooling, use the Outdoor Car Park or Public Transport.


Overseas Exhibitors please note the following EXTREMELY IMPORTANT REMINDER:

Exhibitors are not allowed to move their cargo or dismantle their booth before 1700 hours on the last day of the exhibition.
This is against KLCC rules.

The airport KLIA is some distance from the KLCC.

So please do not plan any onward flight on the last day of the Show for a departure before 2200 hours.


You will be arriving at KLIA - clearing arrival formalities is very easy.

 Just make your way to Customs and then approach Immigration.

There are 2 ways to get to the city centre/hotels:

# Taxi 

# KLIA Express.




Just click on this Travel Link page. 

                                         SHOW SCHEDULE


8 April 1500-2200: Build-up of exhibition booths
Mon.  1500-2100:
Exhibitor badges can be collected
  1500-1900: Delivery of cargo
  1500-1900: Hall open to exhibitors
  1900-2200: Cleaning and final check
 9 April  0900-1800  Hall open to exhibitors
 Tue.  1000-1700  Hall open to visitors
     Daily Seminars (10.00-17.00)
10 April  0900-1800  Hall open to exhibitors
 Wed.  1000-1700  Hall open to visitors
     EU Medical Device Registraion Conference (10.00-17.00)
11 April  0900-1800  Hall open to exhibitors
 Thur.  1000-1700  Hall open to visitors
     Daily Seminars (10.00-17.00)
   1500-1600  Freight forwarder staff taking  cargo instructions
   1700-1800  Hall open only to exhibitors /  Security Forms


Note: The Contractor and others will not be allowed into the halls until 1800 hours on the last day.
So Exhibitors will have an entire hour to collect their thoughts, pack valuable items, etc.




Stand Manager:     
Exhibiting Company:     
Booth No:     
   Yes, I have received the above instructions. 
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